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Garcia Take Lead
August 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Earlier this off-season quarterback Jeff Garcia stated that he wanted to take on more of a leadership role this season. Actually, Garcia had already begun increasing his role with the team towards the end of last season, when coach Mariucci appointed him as a player who would be involved with the coaches on game planning. But this season, Garcia wants to be more vocal.

Veteran leadership if key to any sports franchise, and Garcia is finally in a position where he can really step up and lead without players questioning whether he has the ‘right’ to be doing so. Garica has already stated that he wants to open communication with his receivers during the game to try and get a better understanding on how to attack the defenses they are faced with.

Lately though, Garcia has been speaking up, and trying to let the younger players know that they have to pick up there games. Garcia clearly recognizes the potential of the 49ers current squad, and wants the entire team to be on board and playing at their best when the season roles around.

"I realize the starters weren't in," Garcia said, "but that doesn't matter. This team is only as good as its depth. It's important to realize they're fighting when they're out there. They need to be stronger, and more willing to fight at the highest level.

Comments like these would have seemed out of place a year ago - when even Garcia himself had to be wondering if he could repeat his first Pro Bowl experience. But this season, there is no question, when Garcia says something, the team listens, and so having him speak out like this, telling the depth players exactly what needs to be done, is certainly a great step as he tries to increase his leadership on the team.

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