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Garcia Wrong Attitude
September 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jeff Garcia was quoted in a recent Bay Area article saying something that bothered me. Garcia was speaking about his check downs over the course of the Giants game:

"They were doubling up on the outside receivers and singling out the inside guys, like the tight end and the backs, so they became the primary guys just because I'm not going to force a throw into double coverage."

The problem I have with this approach is that while it certainly does a great job of protecting the ball, it tells opponents that if Owens has two guys on him, the ball likely isn’t coming his way. Now of course, if Owens breaks through the coverage, as he did countless times last season, Garcia won’t hesitate to throw to him.

But to truly be great. To truly take his game to the next level. Garcia must learn to make the tough throw into coverage. He made one, which Owens dropped in the endzone against the Giants, but he needs to be able to make the tough pass. He needs to have the confidence that he can put the ball anywhere on the field.

No Garcia shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. And yes, checking down to his other targets is important - but for Garcia to take his game to the next level, he has to find a away to complete passes even in good coverage. That is what separates the good from the great - and that is what Garcia will have to be able to do to take this team to the next level.

It should not be ‘forcing’ the ball, but it should be making the tough throw. As Garcia continues to improve in each of his seasons, this is something he will have to work on. His ability to make the tough pass will eventually distinguish his play at quarterback to create the image that he wants for himself.

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