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Garcia Told Time To Focus On Football
May 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers will begin their latest mini-camp today. The camp will focus on the pass, and Jeff Garcia will be receiving the bulk to the coaching staffís attention. There was also a message to Garcia this week, he was told to get down to business. Itís not that Garcia has been slacking by any means, itís just that with his newly found Ďstardomí come lots of responsibilities.

In years past Garcia spent the entire off-season studying film, the playbook and working with the coaching staff as well as the strength and conditioning staff to become a better football player. While Garcia hasnít been ignoring any of those areas, he has had additional responsibilities this off-season that have taken up valuable time. The message this week, was for Garcia to start to focus solely on football.

This off-season Garica has participated in a multitude of charity events, become a spokesperson, and even visited the White House. All that would be enough to keep anyone busy - but Garcia had a responsibility to the team too, one that he did not ignore.

It's not like Garcia has been 'slacking off' by any means, Garcia has indeed been at all of the 49ers mini-camps, and he has been training incredibly hard. Heís added muscle this off-season that should help his durability, and allow him to put more zip on the ball. Still to be a good quarterback in the NFL, you can focus on one thing only, and thatís football. Garcia was thus advised to pack in his other responsibilities, and focus. We should see lots of that determined, focused quarterback throughout the approaching mini-camp.

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