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Jeff Garcia Shines In Hawaiian Sun
July 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The second day of the Quarterback Challenge was aired yesterday, and 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia continued to lead the competition. Garcia had a tremendous first day of the competition winning the mobility competition and placing third in an accuracy competition. On day two, Jeff Garcia was equally impressive.

Day two of the competition consisted of two challenges. The Read and Recognition Challenge as well as the Long Distance Challenge. After finishing fourth in the Long Distance Challenge, Garcia was cool under pressure, placing first in the read and recognition portion, recording 18 more points than runner up Jake Plummer.

Placing in the middle of the bunch in the Long Distance Challenge, isn’t exactly a big surprise. Garcia has oft been criticized for his lack of arm strength. What was surprising though, was that the average of his two passes at 65.5-yards was only 5.5 yards shorter than Aaron Brooks leading mark.

Garcia’s 186 points was far greater than runner up Aaron Brook’s 153. Jake Plummer finished with 148, followed by Peyton Manning’s 130. Doug Flutie came in second last with 128, followed by Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady who recorded 108.

When it was all said and done, Garcia walked a way with a cool $85 500 and was crowned winner, one year after placing dead last in the competition. It should also be noted that none of the quarterbacks participating in the million-dollar throw completed the pass.

Recapping Jeff Garcia’s Outing:
Speed And Mobility
First Run, 8.91, second run, 8.71 combined time of 17.62 (after deductions for passing accuracy). Result: First Place 60 points

22 Points Result: Third Place 22 points

Long Distance Throw:
First Throw, 65 yards, Second Throw 66 yards. Result 4th place

Read And Recognition:
First Attempt 27 points, Second Attempt 9 points, Third Attempt 9 points, and Fourth Attempt 27 points. Result: Total Points 72 points, First Place

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