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Watch Garcia Take The Quarterback Challenge
July 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After the Pro Bowl this past February, 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia participated in “The Quarterback Challenge”. The event will also feature Tom Brady (Patriots), Aaron Brooks (Saints), Doug Flutie (Chargers), Peyton Manning (Colts) and Jake Plummer (Cardinals).

Essentially the quarterback challenge is a series of events that quarterbacks participate in. In each even quarterbacks have the opportunity to earn points, and at the end of several events, the quarterback with the most points, wins. Events include tests of speed and mobility, accuracy, long distance and read and recognition and usually involve hitting moving targets at varying distances, throwing on the run and other quarterback savvy drills.

The DirectTV event will be broadcast by CBS Sports on Saturday July 13th, and Sunday July 14th between 4 and 5 PM EST. It’s certainly worth watching these greater quarterbacks compete, especially in this lull in NFL action. Past winners of the event that started in 1991 include Dan Marino (91,92), Jeff Hostetler (93), Randall Cunningham (94,95), Neil O’Donnell (96), Vinny Testaverde (97), Jim Harbaugh (98), Jake Plummer (99,00), and Trent Dilfer (01). Winners receive the right to boast and $125,000 in prize money.

Jeff Garcia is coming off of two of the best performances by 49ers quarterbacks in history. Garcia has thrown for 30-or more touchdowns over the past two seasons (a feat neither Steve Young or Joe Montana ever accomplished) and for 7816 yards over the two years. Amazingly while throwing 63 touchdowns in the past two seasons, he has only been intercepted 22 times.

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