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Garcia 3:1
October 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Over the past two seasons quarterback Jeff Garcia has put up some amazing numbers. Numbers that included back to back 30+ touchdown seasons. Also impressive was a ratio of about 3:1, touchdowns:interceptions over the past three years. He also threw for more yards in a season, than any 49ers quarterback - including the illustrious Steve Young and incomparable Joe Montana, ever.

It wonít be easy to put up similar numbers this season. With seven games behind them, Garcia only has 10 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. That ratio is 2.5 touchdowns to every one interception is not far off from the 3:1 ratio of the previous two seasons, but at only 1.4 touchdowns per game, Garcia is on course for only 22 scores. Heíll need some big games between now and the end of the season to match his production from the last two seasons in this area - in fact, Garcia would have to average more than two touchdowns per game over the remaining 9 games. Similarly, Garcia is on course to throw about 9 interceptions this season, which is a fairly reasonable number.

Of course these statistics donít tell the whole story. They are simply extrapolations of the current numbers that he has put up. They donít take into account the slow offensive start, and the likeliness of a stronger second half of the season. They donít offer much of a picture as to the state of the offense, as the team scores by running the ball too. No, these stats are simply to show, that if Garcia is to finish with similar numbers to the last two seasons he needs to improve his production, the four touchdown game against the Cardinals was a good start.

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