The Future---3/10/99

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Bill Walsh is planning for the future, that couldn't be more evident with the moves he has made so far, as well as the ones rumored to be happening. He has let go of some older veterans, most of which he managed to trade for draft picks. Others, like Merton Hanks, and Jim Drukenmiller may bring in a higher pick. The future of the 49ers looks good, but the biggest whole is still in question. The future quarterback.

Bill Walsh has already signed Jeff Garcia, he is 28, mobile and has experiance through 4 years in the C.F.L. where he won the league M.V.P.. However it is not known yet if Walsh believes Garcia is the future of the 49ers, or just another back up. Jim Drukenmiller is as good as gone with Walsh at the head of the team. Drukenmiller has the potential to be a good QB, but isn't your typical 49ers quarterback. Drueknmiller was drafted a head of Jake Plummer in 1997, but Walsh had Plummer rated a head of Drukenmiller. This is definitley a year for quarterbacks, 4 may be taken in the top ten picks. Cade McNown is a possibility for the 49ers future. He is mobile and can throw on the run. He seems like a great fit, however the 49ers probably wont have a high enough pick to draft him, and will probably want to spend their first pick on either a defensive back, or tackle. If it's Dre Bly they are seeking, he could be around in the 2nd round. That is why the 49ers should consider the following. Trade out of the first round to get an early second round pick possibly number five. Take Dre Bly here, and in the process swap third round picks with whatever team it is as well as gain an extra pick in next seasons draft. From here trade the high third pick with Drukenmiller to get another second round pick.

With the second round pick the 49ers could find a sleeper QB by the name of Kevin Daft. Daft is a mobile quarterback with an extremely quick release. He can throw on the run, and put zip on the ball. Nothing has been said that the 49ers may be interested in Daft, but this could just be not to draw attention to him. Daft may be a sleeper in the draft, but not because of a lack of ability. It's more due to a lack of popularity of Divison II schools. Daft is a pre-med fro UC Davis.

The rest of the future 49ers is falling into place. J.J. Stokes will be a part of it, as will R.W. McQuarters, Zack Bronson, Lance Schulters, Garrison Hearst, Dave Fiore, Chris Dalman, Jeremy Newberry, Winfred Tubbs, Bryant Young. The 49ers will still need another defensive back, safety, tackle, and linebacker in the near future. Hopefully Terrell Owens will remain part of the 9ers future too. He remains a franchise player and unsigned. Hopefully the 9ers will re-sign Owens soon, and make the right moves in the draft in order to remain a constant contender.

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