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Ordering One McGrew Please:
Would You Like Fries With That?

April 24 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Reggie McGrew is one of those players who was drafted in the first round with high expectations, and never really lived up to his potential. He's been battling injuries throughout his career with the 49ers, and at no point has he looked like the dominant defensive tackle the 49ers had hoped for. In recent season's McGrew's proved that he can play at the NFL level but doesn't dominate.

The 49ers have come to accept the level of play McGrew brings onto the field. The team has begun looking for other defensive tackles, and hasn't secured McGrew a roster spot. In fact, initial off-season reports had McGrew being released after June 1st. With the restructuring of JJ Stokes contract however, McGrew may have gotten his final chance to remain a 49er.

If the team had to clear salary cap room, McGrew and his $700 000 salary would have been an easy choice after June 1st. The team however may no longer be in that type of situation, and with the only defensive tackle drafted already injured McGrew looks like he may once again land a spot on the 49ers 53-man roster. Maybe this year he'll warrant it.

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