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Fresh Rivalry
October 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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When the 49ers clash with the Seattle Seahawks this Monday night it will not only be the first time the two sides met since a 49ers’ victory in 1997. It will also be the first time the teams ever play each other as part of the same division - and thus the perfect opportunity to start a fresh rivalry.

The relative geographical closeness of the teams will certainly aid the passion or rather distaste that the teams and their fans will have for each other. That the two teams have very little in common; other than the obvious connection at head coach will also make the rivalry building process more fun.

The series between the two teams is infantile in its development. This week’s game will be just the seventh meeting between the two teams. Because of the relative youth of the match-up, both teams will play a whole lot of ‘getting to know you’ football.

I’m really happy to have a new rivalry in the making. As much as we fans tried, playing the Panthers was only fun for the first few years, and playing the Saints and Falcons twice a season never made much sense despite the history that was built between them and the 49ers.

I look forward to the start of fresh rivalry - two fresh rivalries for that matter. It should be fun to get to know the new faces of the NFC West.

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