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4 More Cuts To Go
July 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The cutting of Jonas Lewis this week may not be the end of his career with the 49ers. The 49ers have been impressed by Lewis in the past, and if the younger running backs they have on their roster donít show the coaches much potential, the team could look to bring Lewis back on to the squad. Lewis would be all for it too:

"I love the 49ers," Lewis said. "I started with one of the greatest organizations in the world and I'd go back."

I am still opposed to the move. Iím a believer that a player should have to beat out another player, even if itís for the sixth running back position. It seems the 49ers are choosing instead to let to running backs fight for a spot that neither one of the currently holds. The rational here, baffles me, especially when a player like Lewis was on the roster.

Iím thrilled Lewis has no ill feelings towards the organization, and I do hope to see him back this summer.

With the cutting of Lewis, the 49ers are now only four players away from reaching their training camp roster. Expect the team to cut back a little at receiver, and trim a few other areas before the start of camp.

Editorís Note - Just a reminder that the NFL QB Challenge will be aired on CBS at 4 PM EST time today and tomorrow. Jeff Garcia is the 49ers participant.

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