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Could the 49ers Carry 4 QB's?
April 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
One of the biggest battles for a roster spot this season will be at the third quarterback position. The 49ers have three very promising players all vying for the role. It begs the question -would the team consider to once again carry four quarterbacks? In recent years, the 49ers had the 'luxury' of placing one quarterback, Giovanni Carmazzi on the injured reserve, thus retaining rights to him, and still being able to fill a roster spot. But with Carmazzi almost fully healthy, the 49ers will have a very tough choice to make.

In Giovanni Carmazzi the 49ers have a very athletic quarterback who hasn't been able to prove anything in practise or in games for that matter due to injury. A former third round draft pick, who by now should have a fairly good grasp of the 49ers playbook - Carmazzi is a hard prospect to just release.

Earlier this off-season the team signed Arena League star, Aaron Garcia. Sure having two Garcia quarterbacks could be confusing, but Aaron has had time to develop and hone his skills in another league, and the success of quarterbacks that fit that mould is readily apparent.

The team recently drafted Brandon Doman from BYU. Doman came highly recommended by former 49ers quarterback, and BYU alumni, Steve Young. Doman is a promising quarterback who fits the West Coast Offence style quite well. The team has high hopes for the pick.

It's because there is so much untapped potential behind Jeff Garcia and Tim Ratty, that I believe it will be quite plausible for the team to once again carry four quarterbacks on the roster. Certainly, it could be an investment in the future.

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