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Special Treatment
September 03 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Having given the 49ers the shaft all off-season with five pre-season games, three of which were played in ten days, and by giving the 49ers only eight days between their final pre-season game and the opening game of the season, the league decided it was time to give the 49ers a bit of a break.

While teams in the NFL had to cut down their rosters by 1 PM EST on Sunday, the League gave the 49ers three extra hours, until 4 PM to cut down their roster to 53 players. The league explained that the time zone, and the 49ers early Thursday games played a role in making the decision.

The 49ers used the time to build, what they believe is a solid 53 man roster. They spent Monday preparing for the Giants and assembling their practice squad.

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