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49ers Release Four
June 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers made four roster moves on Tuesday. None of the movers were particularly blockbuster, but they do help the team get closer to the roster it will bring to training camp.

Among the cuts were: CB Ryan Fernandez, DT Ryan Fletcher, TE Mike Hart, and RB Ken Simonton.

Simonton was likely the biggest surprise of all the cuts. The 49ers had hoped he could provide a spark to their return game, but obviously changed their mind after seeing him in training camp. The move bodes particularly well for NFL Europe running back Jammal Robertson whose goal is to make it onto the 49ers this season in any capacity.

Former 49ers defensive lineman Cederick Killings also signed on with the Minnesota Vikings today. Killings was marginally successful in his time with the 49ers.

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