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Free Agent Focus
May 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The June first fiscal end of the NFL year is now just a couple days away. As always there are going to be some talented players released for salary cap purposes. But for the first time in three years, the 49ers are expecting to be an active player in this market. The team is looking for one or two more additions to the team to add depth and solidify certain positions.

The first area of interest is likely to be on the offensive line. Free agent Blake Brockermeyer is currently the primary candidate but that can change depending on who is released. Brockermeyer may also adjust the salary he is looking for depending on what happens to other offensive lineman after this time.

The team has already expressed interest in free agent receiver Willie Jackson. The two sides have yet to come to terms, but the June 1st deadline may bring down Jacksonís salary expectations. The market could also see Antonio Freeman and Keenan McArdell added to it.

The 49ers would also be interested in adding a linebacker. Although the team recently signed TJ Tucker, they would like a quality sixth linebacker, to compliment the depth chart.

Despite adding Sean Moran to the defensive line earlier this off-season, the 49ers have expressed interest in upgrading this group too. Former Packer Jim Flanigan is expected in for a work out this week, and is just one of the many candidates to the team is considering.

If the 49ers canít find the happy medium between production and salary, the team may decide to stay enough under the cap to make a mid-season addition in the event of an injury. It does not appear that the 49ers are content to sit back though, despite the team having all of its starters for next season already in place.

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