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Young/Stubby Get Rest
September 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers had to play without two defensive tackles on their roster in the opening week. As a result of that, 49ers veteran and starting defensive tackles Bryant Young and Dana Stubblefield had to suck it up and play way more snaps than normal. Of course, the ten day rest between the 49ers first and second games, was a welcome rest for these two players.

This week, against the Broncos, the 49ers are hoping that defensive tackle Jim Flanigan will be able to return to the lineup. Flanigan has been upgraded to probable with his hamstring injury, but he did practice with the team and the 49ers are hoping that he is ready to go against the Broncos.

Providing Flanigan is able to play, he will take some snaps away from Young and Stubblefield, which should help keep all three of them ‘fresher’ and thus more effective. Flanigan had a very good pre-season, and the 49ers feel that he can be a big contributor in helping to collapse the pocket. In fact the team is so confident in Flanigan, that this off-season they released former first round draft pick, Reggie McGrew.

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