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49ers Continue To Lead League
August 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers have a history of being the first to do things in the NFL. For instance, the team was the first to implement the West Coast Offense, they were the first to find loopholes in the salary cap, they were the first to win five Super Bowls, and they were the first to set a blue print as to how to rebuild from salary cap purgatory - among of course many other firsts. It should of course, come as no surprise that the 49ers had another NFL first this summer.

At Sunday’s game the 49ers unveiled the first ever NFL stadium emergency evacuation plan. The plan was explained both in the free flier the 49ers handout “Tailgate Times” before each game, and on the large screen in the stadium during the game.

The plan is somewhat of a response to the holocaustic events of September 11th 2001, going along with stricter enforcement of what may and may not be brought into the stadium. It is also, of course a precaution against future threats.

Given the stadiums proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and it ease of access via this manner and the San Francisco Bay (as demonstrated by the move “The Rock”) it makes sense that the team would have a plan in the event, G-d forbid, that something went terribly wrong.

I fully expect other NFL teams to follow the 49ers on this first, as they have on so many others. It is of course, in the best interests of the fans that plans like these be put into place and made well know. Evacuating 60 000 + people from a stadium as quickly as possible is an equation for destruction, and so the NFL would be well served to implement these plans throughout the league to prevent mad chaos if evacuation was ever needed.

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