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First OT
November 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers played their first over time game of the season on Sunday, and in so doing also won their first over time game of the season. The win, against a winning team, away from the 49ers stadium was the first such win in many years. But winning in over time is not a new experience for the 49ers.

Under coach Steve Mariucci, particularly in the last two seasons the 49ers have excelled in over time, and in close games. Last season, it was the teams ability to win the closer games, that ultimately lead to their 12-4 record and first playoff birth in three years.

This win, built character, as most over time victories do. But it also showed, that while the 49ers have built on wins of rather convincing margins, that they can still get into a dog fight game and pull out a victory.

Interestingly, with Cortezí winning field goal in over time, the 49ers had their second game of the season that was won on Cortezís second chance at the game winner. The first such win came against the New York Giants in the season opener.

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