First Assesment - 04/25/99
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The 49ers held their first mini-camp, and so far so good. Bob Mckitrick who is receiving treatment for liver cancer was even present. McKitrick, the offensive line coach, can't be held back from doing his job. All the players admire his stubborn nature, and say he is extremely inspirational. Natuarlly, as 49ers fans, and human beings, our best wishes go out to him. Guy McIntyre a former 49ers offensive lineman was in to help coach this week. This week the papers have been flooded with Jim Drukenmillers, indictment. Drukenmiller has been charged of raping a fellow student when he was at Virginia Tech. Druckenmiller offered to take a polygraph test, and passed. However these tests are not adminisable in court. Mariucci has said that Drukenmiller's off the field problems wont affect his status with the 49ers, however it sure can't help.

The 49ers were impressed with most of the practises in this mini-camp. Reggie McGrew, showed that he can play, but had to sit out a little with a sore knee. The 49ers are expected to sign their rookies, and Charles Haley soon. They are still working with Terrell Owens to come to terms on a contract. Jeff Garcia performed well, and as usual Bill Walsh is tooting his horn. Now it seems like the 49ers may be compelled to keep Drukenmiller, because nobody really wants him. However if they can trade him, expect them to do so.

The 49ers are prepareing steadily for the up coming season. This year there may be flashes of a 3-4 defense, and expect the 9ers to work on stopping the run. On offense, they will hope to be much like last season, maybe even better, with the addition of a healthy Greg Clark at TE.

On June 1st we will learn the future status of Chris Doleman. Doleman is planning on retiring but may consider coming back for one more run at a championship. If he does return, and the 9ers sign Haley, they will have a surprisingly deep defensive line. On June first, the 9ers may also be able to free up some extra cap room to either sign Terrell Owens long term, or add a healthy veteran corner as insurance.
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