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Finally In Position
May 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Undrafted free agent Frank Strong was finally given a position to play with the team at this rookie mini-camp. The versatile player from USC has played both offense and defense at several positions including linebacker, safety, and running back. Until this week, Strong was not sure where he would fit into the 49ers.

The 49ers made their choice though, stating that Strong will be given a chance to make the team first as a linebacker. This makes sense not only because of Strong’s physical make up, but also because of the make up of the 49ers roster. Both running back and safety are two positions on the 49ers that are over crowded.

At running back, Strong would have had to compete against Jonas Lewis, Paul Smith, Saladin McCullough, Ken Simonston and Jamal Robertson for only two roster spots. A similar situation would have presented its self at safety, where Strong would have had to compete with John Keith, Ronnie Heard, and Al Blades for only two roster spots.

In competing at the linebacking position, Strong may be able to convince the team that behind Julian Peterson, Jamie Winborn, Jeff Ulbich, Derek Smith and Saleem Rasheed, that he’d be the next best man. His competition at this spot will include Quincy Stewart and Cornelius Anthony . Stewart will be hard man to nock off, and Anthony has had some experience in NFL Europe, but certainly the chances are stronger here for Strong than at his other positions. There is also an off chance that the team would carry more than six linebackers - in which case Strong would have a much easier time making the squad.

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