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Finally Patient
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jeff Garcia finally had the confidence in his offensive line to be patient with his progressions. The result was a four touchdown performance with long strikes to Owens and Streets, and an offense that seemed to move the ball at will. The explosiveness of the offense was something the 49ers have believed they could do for quite some time, but it was the play offensive line that allowed the offense to be so explosive.

Garcia improvised a fair bit too, escaping the pass rush, but it was really the offensive line, keeping Garcia on his feet for the bulk of the day, and the gaping holes and passing lanes that they created in the line, particularly from the shotgun. Garcia was given ample time to make plays, and escape the rush, and in general got very good protection.

Iíve criticized the offensive line all season. It just appeared that Garcia did not exhibit confidence in their ability. Garcia had the confidence in the offensive line on Sunday to sit back and be patient. The result was a very explosive offense, and a much happier quarterback and set of receivers.

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