Final Cuts --09/06/01
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As NFL teams get ready for Kickoff Weekend, there are always many players waived as each team works their roster to accommodate the 53-man limit that the NFL enforces. The 49ers were obviously no exception to this, as they began their final cuts immediately after their Friday game against Denver. Here's the run down on what moves the 49ers have made and why since Friday.

The moves started with the release of punter Chad Stanley. Stanley, was unimpressive last season, and did not show any reason to keep him on the team during this pre-season. Thus when Jamie Baker averaged 50.5 yards per punt in his first game with the 49ers last Friday, the team made their move -despite the Denver thin air. After all, the thin air did not help Stanley.

Following Stanley's release the 49ers cut WR Dwight Clark, DT Daniel Greer, FB Jason Isom, CB Dee Moronkola, and center Bruce Wiggins. None of these players were particularly, surprises though some, like Dwight Clark, were pretty good in pre-season.

Still needing to get the roster down to 53, the 49ers let go of OT Dave Costa, CB Brandon Godsey, WR James Jordan, TE Ben Steele, and came to an injury settlement with kicker Jamie Rheem - leaving Jose Cortez as the only place kicker on the roster. The team then announced some moves that were a bit more surprising. They started with the release of WR Jamie Farris. Farris was stellar in pre-season, and looked to be on his way to making the 49ers roster. Luckily the team reclaimed Farris to their practice squad recently. Defensive lineman Menson Holloway was the only cut the 49ers made from this years draft. Holloway was also later put on the practice squad. That day the team also parted with offensive lineman Tyrone Hopson. The veteran, Hopson never amounted to anything more than being a backup, but was solid at that. His salary resulted in his dismissal. A similar situation arose with safety Peirson Prioleau. Prioleau was outplayed by youngster Ronnie Heard in pre-season, and despite his veteran abilities and versatility, Prioleau was shown the door.

With much controversy as to the status of Garrison Hearst, he was definitely on the bubble. However, thanks to last minute negotiations, the two sides agreed on a contract that would keep Hearst on the roster. Soon after Hearst was named the starting running back. Reggie McGrew also restructured his contract to give the 49ers some salary cap relief at this time.

The 49ers then released defensive end Jerome Davis and defensive tackle Larry Fitzpatrick. The release of the pair cleared the way for the signing of punt returner Vinny Sutherland and cornerback Jason Suttle. The team has very high hopes for Sutherland as a punt returner.

Most recently, the 49ers promoted Tim Ratty to the second string role. The move allowed Rick Mirer to become expendable, and he was soon cut, along with undrafted free agent, Al Blades who had a great impact during the pre-season. Taking Mirer's place will be Kevin Daft. Daft is one quarterback that the 49ers considered drafting several years ago.

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