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49ers Open Final Mini Camp
June 3 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers will open this off-seasons final mini-camp today. The organization expects the entire team in attendance, with very few exceptions. The four day camp follows a three day passing camp that was used as a ‘warm up’ for this week. It will also be the teams’ final chance to evaluate players before training camp.

During the camp the team is expected to make a decision on cutting one quarterback and one kicker, though there is still a possibility that the team will enter camp with ‘excess baggage’ at both these positions.

The team also expects to bring in a few free agents particularly those released this past weekend to make some decisions on whether they will sign a free agent or two. It is believed that the 49ers are most interested in offensive lineman, receivers, linebackers, but will consider all areas. The team is also expected to keep some money aside in case they need to sign a free agent during the season.

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