Feel The Magic---3/9/99

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The 49ers have made some very big adjustments this offseason. Some of the biggest have been the revision of the front office, including the arrival of former 49ers coach and executive, Bill "the Genius" Walsh. Since his arrival the 49ers have been trying to get back to the basics the built their dynasty. Even though some of the moves that Walsh has made have been unpopular, for example the trading of Gogan and Detmer, many fans are still confident about the 49ers future.

The reason for the confidence in the 49ers future is because that is exactly what Bill Walsh is planning for. He is working on aquireing as many draft picks as he can, in the hopes to solidify the defence and draft players that will help the team in the future. Players such as Cade McNown may be figured into the 49ers future. However Bill Walsh is not shy to go after a free agent he sees in the 49ers future too. That is why Jeff Garcia was signed by the 49ers, and may also be the reason why the 49ers may not draft a quarterback in this draft.

Majic is in the air around the 49ers. The puzzle is being put together. J.J. Stokes has signed a long term deal, Terrell Owens will hopefully follow soon, the offensive line is youger then ever, and though the defensive backfield suffered last season, this year, it should be better and younger, with the likely departure of Merton Hanks. The future of the 49ers is almost assembled.

The power has been restored to the front office, and unlike last season, the 49ers will have a solid base, and they should for many years to come. Bill Walsh is back for a couple of years, and John McVay is hanging around for a while. Terry Donahue is the eventual successor of Walsh, and action is likely to be taken to bring more future prospects to the 49ers front office soon. These prospects will include, Former scouting boss Tony Razzano, has been retired since the end of the 1991 season and is not expected to return to the organization. But his son, David, a scout for the Rams, has been rumored as a possible future director of college scouting for the 49ers

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