Feel Good Story Of The Year--11/24/01
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As a NFL season progresses, countless players are called flops after not reaching their potential. Some players try and comeback from injury, or stay on that extra season past their prime. More often than not the result is rather pathetic. This season could have gone that way for the 49ers starting running back, Garrison Hearst - but somehow, Hearst has beaten all odds in his dramatic return to the game.

Now on pace to win his second NFL Comeback Player of the year award, Hearst has taken the league by storm. Early this off-season the future looked bleak for Hearst. The team was just about ready to release Hearst as it was trying to fend off the salary cap troubles it was experiencing. Itís a good think Hearst reworked his contract instead because the result has been extremely positive for both sides.

Hearst now looks to be back to form. His return to the game is really inspiring, so much so that it could be the feel good story of the year. His return from a compounded leg injury that required four surgeries is nothing short of miraculous. Hearst is now on pace to earn over 1000-yards this season. Though Hearst has yet to run into the end-zone for a rushing touchdown, his return can already referred to as a success.

With just seven games left in the season, Hearst is the 49ers healthiest running back. He is contributing to the team for the first time in two seasons, and is loving every minute of it Thereís no question Hearst loves the game. He is extremely dedicated to it, and every time he makes a play on the field, it brings a smile to my face. I know what Hearst has persevered through, and I couldnít be happier for him. Somehow Hearst has avoided disappointment, and is finally showing the 49ers why they stuck with him through what looked to be a career ending injury.

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