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Beating Packers Means Stopping Favre
December 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The secrets out. Actually, the secretís been out for quite some time now. The secret to beating the Green Bay Packers is stopping quarterback Brett Favre. Too bad such a simple task has proven to be so incredibly difficult.

Given the 49ers current state of health, particularly in their defensive backfield, stopping Favre may prove even more challenging than normal. The team may want to dial up Carmen Diaz, who in the movie, Thereís Something About Marry was able to break the quarterbacks heart, because it is Favreís Heart that makes him so difficult to beat.

Ahmed Plummer is expected to play despite a strained groin and an Achilles injury. Plummer has been playing most of the season bruised, and is still having one of the best of his young career.

The team is expecting to start both Tony Parrish and John Keith. Both are quite injured. Keith will be playing strong safety, but may come out on passing downs, at which point Mike Rumph or Ronnie Heard (who may be back from injury) is expected to step in.

The 49ers will have a very difficult time stopping Favre, especially considering their injuries. They arenít likely to cycle through defensive schemes in the same manner that they did last week, but there should still be plenty of substitutions as the team tries to make up for its injuries.

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