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Football Across Generations
June 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Since it is Fatherís day today, I thought Iíd do a small tribute to the only father son pair to be a part of the 49ers organization. There are plenty of 49ers who have had a son, or are second generation football players - including Dave Wilcox who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000. His son Josh played in the NFC West too with the Saints. There are many more comboís of this sort throughout team and league history, but the 49ers have only one set of father and son play for them.

Father Monte Clark, a tackle, and defensive lineman was with the 49ers for three seasons from 1959 to 1961. His career as a football player continued until 1969 and included stops in Dallas and Cleveland. Monte was one of very few players to move through the coaching ranks to head coach too. He was the head coach of the 49ers in 1976, and with Detroit from 1978 to 1984.

Son Bryan Clark was a quarterback for the 49ers. He was with the 49ers in 1982 all the way through part 1984 - though he spent 1983 injured. In 1984 Bryan went to the Cincinnati Bengals, he did not play after the 1984 season.

The Clarks are the only father and son combination to ever play for the 49ers. So on this day, as we wish fathers everywhere a happy day, let us not forget some of the generation legacies that existed in our historic franchise.

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