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Free Agent News
May 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
General Manager Terry Donahue leaked a little bit more information regarding the teamís free agent interests at camp to. His comments were primarily regarding offensive lineman Brockermeyer and defensive lineman Flanigan, currently the two players the 49ers seem to have the most interest in.

Donahue announced that the chances of signing Brockermeyer were less than 50%. He did not specify whether the change of heart stemmed from the 49ers or Brockermeyer, or whether it had anything to do with the health or Brockermeyer. Donahue may be trying to reduce the market for Brockermeyer, or the salary demands he has. Alternatively, he may indeed be genuine in his comments.

Regarding Flanigan, Donahue expressed that it is unlikely that Flanigan would sign anywhere before the June 1st deadline this weekend. Flanigan could come in, and un-seat defensive tackle Reggie McGrew to become the teamís first man off the bench at the position.

There continues to be no new news regarding free agent receiver Willie Jackson. The team has reportedly placed this issue on the Ďback-burnerí.

The team has finally singed Jose Cortez to a one year deal too. Newly signed wide receiver Mike Jennings came with good refrences. Jennings is extremely fast, and caught both the eye of Jerry Rice and JJ Stokes while they were all training at Stanford University.

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