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NFL Fall Meeting
October 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Today and Tomorrow the NFL will hold it annual fall meeting. The meeting is schedule to take place at the Essex House in New York City, with representatives - usually the owners in attendance from each team.

The meeting will include presentations from the Giants, Jets and Redskins about the possibilities of their cities holding a Super Bowl despite the cold weather climates that each city has during the period at which the Super Bowl is held.

Teams will not vote yet as to where the Super Bowls will be awarded, that will take place during the March meeting. Super Bowls have been awarded through 2006 already. The NFL is rumoured to be pursuing a Super Bowl in Los Angeles even with no NFL team in the city.

The meeting will also include reports from the NFL Management Council Executive Committee, Competition Committee, Broadcasting Committee, Business Ventures Committee, Finance and Stadium Committee.

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