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How Expectations Change
May 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Historically, around the 49ers organization, itís been Super Bowl or bust. Ever since Bill Walsh took the team from the depths of the NFL (the first time of course), the 49ers have been associated with winning. The expectations were to win, and so the team did. Along came the salary cap, and while the 49ers were able to fend off the inevitable for more than half a decade, it did indeed catch up on the team. And so came the yearsí rather forgotten.

Through two seasons, the 49ers won ten games. The fans, the NFL, the team was patient. It was understood that the team needed time to rebuild, and so they were given that time. But just last year, the 49ers started winning again. The team went on and surpassed the expectations of an 8-8 season, making the playoffs with a 12-4 record. The 49ers were back.

Now only two years removed from a 6-10 season, the 49ers want won thing, a sixth Lombardi Trophy. Itís an accomplishment that has never been achieved before in NFL history, and the 49ers want to be the first to six. Winning the Super Bowl, for all its worth would be a tremendous way to announce to the NFL, that the 49ers can be knocked down, but never knocked out.

It will be up to Steve Mariucci, his talented staff, and the players on the team to bring that trophy home. A triumph of this magnitude would surely secure Mariucciís spot with the team for years to come. Winning that trophy this season, is exactly what the 49ers need.

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