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Escaping Injury
September 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers had been devastated by injury all off-season. They began the season with out one starting player in Jeff Ulbrich, but others like Matt Willig, Saleem Rasheed, and Jim Flanigan missed the game due to injuries. Otherís including Rashad Holman, Ron Stone, and Jeremy Newberry played, despite not being fully healthy. And then of course, there was the injured reserve.

The 49ers however, escaped their first game of the season fairly healthy. Other than minor injuries to Cedrick Wilson and Garrison Hearst, the 49ers escaped rather healthy. That was a huge difference from the teamís pre-season performances.

As the 49ers continue to get healthier they should improve. The team is waiting to regain some depth, particularly at defensive tackle, linebacker and offensive line. As those areas begin to be shored up, it would only make sense that the 49ers be able to field a better team.

In the mean time, the 49ers will have to do their best to avoid injury. Itís a task no team ever manages to do completely, but one that will be essential for a 49ers team that got bitten by the injury bug before the season ever began.

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