Enough Already - 04/14/99
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The confusion within the teams ownership is reaking havoc on the team. Last season the 49ers denied any relation between the ownership saga and the teams wins and losses. However from watching them play, it was more then apparent that the front office turmoil was frustrating the players and coaches. Steve Mariucci had his job threatend by rumour for no reason other then he was doing a great job, but hadn't one a Super Bowl in the first year of his coaching. Is this not ridiculous. Eddie Debartlo certainly thinks so, and that's why he is out to regain control of the team. He has set up a capable front office, headed by none other then Bill Walsh, and hopes this will provide some stability into next season. If only we should be so lucky. Too bad Owner Eddie Debartlo and Sister Denise Debartlo York are feuding over the team, the family business and the family.
Over a year ago, Eddie Debartlo was indicted for the River Boat Scandal, however he has come to terms with the court and after paying a fine, should be considered ready to return. During his step down he appointed his sister Denise to run the club, the deal was that Eddie would call the shots and Denise would just relate them. However then Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark took off, and Eddie had no one to relate too. After the season, and much turmoil he managed to bring Bill Walsh back to the club to re-establish the 49ers. However shortly there after Commisioner Paul Tagliabue made a decision to restrict Eddie's involvment with the team for one more year. Following suit, Denise cut off Eddie from the team, and everything related to it. If that wasn't enough she is sueing her brother.
Denise feels that her brother owes the Debartlo Corporation a lot of money, and is doing everything in her power to demolish her brother. Like wise, Eddie is counter sueing to regain an equal status in the Debartlo Corportation. Earlier this week, the two siblings appointed new members to the board. Eddie appointed his daughter and a trusted executive of his. This may help him regain some control of the Family company and in the near future the 49ers.
Be it sibling rivalry or not, if this saga continues it will definately harm the 49ers next season, it may even hinder the signing of big name players. If Denise wants to move the team, I and many other 49ers fans will be appauled. It's time for the Debartlo's to suck it up and do whats best for the team and the company, be civil, or disaster will strike.
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