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Engelberger Practices
September 04 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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John Engelberger was back at practice on Monday and Tuesday, but whether or not he plays this Thursday remains to be seen. Engelberger underwent unexpected surgery after it was discovered that he had appendicitis. If Engelberger can not play, or is cautiously held out of the game, Jerome Davis would likely get his first action in a regular season 49ers game.

Engelberger lost his starting spot to Chike Okeafor this summer, but is expected to be a big contributor coming off the bench and working in the rotation. The expect the defensive line rotation to be key this season in generating a pass rush.

Steve Mariucci will decide sometime in the two hours before game time as to whether or not Engelberger will be active for the game. If he is, the team may still use him only in an emergency situation and give Davis the extra looks. Engelberger is expected back for week 2 at the latest.

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