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August 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers settled four five field goal attempts in their Monday Night Football game this past Monday. While Mariucci was probably happy to send his kickers in, in a game situation, one really has to wonder why the offense continued to stall from scoring distances. Getting into the endzone needs to be a priority.

One big issue was the way that penalties hindered the team. To often while the offense was driving, the team was flagged for a penalty that would put an end to the drive. By eliminating penalties the 49ers should be able to reach the endzone.

Another reason why the 49ers failed to put the ball in the endzone was actually some poor play calling. On several drives it seemed like the 49ers were not sure whether they should go for ‘pay dirt’ or the first down. The result was usually a series of plays that accomplished neither.

I have to believe that the 49ers won’t settle for five field goal attempts during the course of a regular season game, and that the ‘vanilla’ play calling had something to do with it. Still there were times when the team had good field position, either from a turnover on downs, an interception or a return that should have yielded points. The team simply has to get into the endzone.

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