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Where Do They Go?
January 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Aside from a win, the 49ers got everything they could have wanted from their final game of the season. Playing the Packers, the 49ers learned they were a good team, and it became obvious what needed to be done to step it up to the next level. Many of the areas that haunted the 49ers on Wild Card Weekend, were the same ones we had become familiar with during the season.

With no doubt, this off-season will be centered around addressing these issues:

The 49ers must be able to generate a pass rush with itís front four. The team will likely look for an impact player to do this, in the off-season. It could be a free agent or a draft pick.

The 49ers need to add some more strength along the offensive line. This will likely be addressed in the draft, possibly even on the first day.

The 49ers need more depth at defensive back. Depending on how Anthony Parker works out, this area could be a primary concern in the off-season.

The 49ers need a real threat opposite Owens to take off some of the pressure. This will likely be addressed through free agency.

The team learned some valuable lessons too. Starting with the different type of game that Playoff Football is. Along with how not beating yourself is important. Lessons that for a young team like the 49ers are, will play a key role in the teams future.

All in all the 49ers had many good things come out of the Packer game. Their coaching staff is solid from top down. They have a quarterback to build around, two very good running backs, and a solid defense. More depth will be key for the 49ers to make the jump to the next level - but expect the 49ers to make returning their own players who are free agents, the top priority.

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