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Emotion The Enemy
September 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Winning a big game in the NFL, can often be more devastating that losing the previous week. A win against one of the NFLís elite, like the Broncos had last week against the Rams, can often result on a team not being focused, or being over confident the next week.

The reason teams generally follow up big victories with poor performances stems largely from a lack of concentration. Teams canít mentally recover from the previous weeks victory fast enough to prepare for the next week. Hence, they arenít focused for the task at hand.

The Broncos coaching staff may be good enough to prevent the team from following the way of the Ďemotional highí. Head Coach, Mike Shanahan is one the leagues best coaches. His defensive coordinator, Ray Rhodes, a former head coach himself, is also a veteran at the position. These men may be able to keep the Broncos in gear, despite their big week one victory.

While the 49ers certainly canít bank on that happening this week, there is certainly precedence. If the 49ers can beat the Broncos, regardless of whether the Broncos falter, or are simply out played; the 49ers would move to a one and a half game lead on top of the NFC West. The 49ers have not lead their division since 1998, and getting the jump on the Rams would be a great way to regain superiority in the division.

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