Riding the Elevator. --12/01/01
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When the 49ers and Bills meet this Sunday it will mark yet another game of teams traveling in opposite directions. After two seasons of living in the NFL dumpster the 49ers are once again riding high on the way back to the top of the NFL. If only things were that good for the Bills though. After experiencing success the past few seasons under the guidance of quarterback Doug Flutie, the Bills decided that they had to change things up a little. The results have been a whole bunch of upset Bills fans.

The 49ers have been fortunate enough to put almost all of their salary cap troubles behind them. They have a good core of players and a great set of coaches on hand too. All this has allowed the 49ers to once again rise up in the NFL. The 49ers are once again contending for the playoffs, and getting positive recognition, and they are only in their third season of the comeback.

The Bills are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. They are stuck with a quarterback who has been less than impressive. Their coaching staff is substantially weaker, and quite frankly they are slipping down to the bottom of the NFL. They likely are looking to the 49ers for a blue print on how to escape the slump they are in.

All this being said it’s easy to think that this week’s game will be a walk in the park for the 49ers. However if you been paying attention this season, you’ll know this week’s game will be anything but easy. The 49ers seem to play at the level of their opponents this season, so if anything, we as fans should be very worried about this weeks game.

Coming off of a very interesting game against the Colts the 49ers may still be trying to digest their victory. The team may also be without star receiver Terrell Owens a key asset to the team and the heir to Jerry Rice. Of course to make matters more interesting, the 49ers will be playing their biggest game of the season against the Rams. All this adds up to a very scary game against a not very good Bills teams. Certainly this game can’t be one the 49ers lose their concentration on - but maintaining their composure will not be easy.

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