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Loyal 49ers Paradise Fans,
January 4th 2003
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Well everyone, Iím back from vacation! I arrived just in time to see the 49ers signing Vinny Sutherland and putting Jamie Winborn on the injured reserve. Talk about a depressing way to end vacation.

I am back now however, and 49ers Paradise is ready for the opening playoff game this Sunday at 1:30 PST, thatís right 1:30 folks, not 1:00 which also means that the gates to the park will be closed until 11:30 AM instead of the regular 11:00 AM opening.

I wanted to apologize for being unable to update the site while I was on vacation. My internet access was limited and turned out to be very expensive, so I do greatly apologize for the inconvenience. The good news isÖ Iím back! The Corner writers are ready for the playoffs and post season, and you the fans did a great job of keeping the forum going and 49ers Paradise alive.

Thank you!

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