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Dynamic Duo
March 25th 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers are very fortunate to have a dynamic duo on their team - and no, they didn't sign Batman and Robin. Rather, the duo I speak of is that of Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster. Two cornerbacks the team drafted and groomed to be the final line of defense against onslaughts from the potent offenses of the NFL. Webster and Plummer are two of a kind and the 49ers have to be happy at how these two youngsters turned out.

Drafted the same year, the two share a special bond. They have grown in the 49ers defense together after being thrown into the fire in their rookie seasons. The two have grown to trust each other on opposite side of the fields and have a chemistry about them that only furthers the bond between them.

Plummer, the former first round pick is like the older brother. He was brought in to start immediately, whereas Webster took a few games into the regular season before winning the starting role. Webster fits the mold of the younger brother - slightly smaller than Plummer, and certainly learning from him. The two feed off each other, share the same intense work ethic and fit the '49ers Mold'.

The 49ers have done an incredible job in selecting these two. Plummer has grown into an incredible resource for the defense, he coaches on the field in the same mannor that Tim McDonald used to. In fact this past season, Plummer made a suggestion during the course of a game that allowed the 49ers to shut down the oppositions offense. Webster isn't quite at that level, but his intense film and study sessions allow him to be a good resource and great player as well.

The dynamic duo in the defensive backfield has allowed the the defensive squad to experience tremendous growth. Nothing however, would make the two of them happier than to welcome a third character type clone of themselves. Having three corner backs of the Plummer/Webster caliber in the 49ers defensive backfield would give Jim Mora Jr. such incredible flexibility to be creative and aggressive it would bring new life to an already improving defense. The future looks bright for this group - it will be a tough job for the 49ers executives to retain these two key players though.

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