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One Bad Influence?
May 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The story is not quite clear yet, but the 49ers must be displeased with the latest actions of Vinny Sutherland. On Monday, Sutherland was charged by police for a crime related to a car accident he got into while driving with rookies Kevin Curtis and Josh Shaw on Saturday morning. No significant injuries were suffered by any of the 49ers or the passengers in the one other car involved in the collision.

Although the team was not willing to comment on the charge(s) related to the accident, initial reports from KGO radio station was that one charge was likely leaving the scene of an accident, which in Santa Clara (where the collision took place) is considered a felony crime.

With further investigation 49ers Paradise learned that Sutherland was also charged with DUI or driving under intoxication. Sutherland was released on bail.

Early indications are that Josh Shaw stayed with the car, while Sutherland and Curtis were prowling around the neighborhood. Neighbors reported the suspicious behavior to the police.

Vinny Sutherland recently signed a year contract with the 49ers and all players involved were in Santa Clara gearing up for a short mini-camp that begins this Wednesday. Sutherland’s influence here will likely set him back as he tries to win the starting role of kick returner. It may just be the break a guy like Robertson or Simonton needs to make the roster.

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