Drukenmiller Gone- 09/06/99
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In a much anticipated move the 49ers sent back up quarterback and former 1997 first round draft pick to Miami for a conditional 2000 draft choice. It didn't take long for the 49ers to unload their formerly touted QB of the future. Miami who earlier this week released Craig Eason their backup QB had an opening, and the 49ers who were keeping Drukenmiller around because of the salary cap restrictions in his contract moved to fill Miami's void.

Yesterday the 49ers kept Drukenmiller on the roster as the fourth quarterback. This being a rare move was a good hint that they had something under their sleeves. Bill Walsh who was not part of the organization in 1997 always favoured Jake Plummer, but former 49ers executives, Vinny Cerrato, Dwight Clark and Carmen Policy felt the much stronger and taller Drukenmiller would be a better choice.

Drukenmiller who earlier this week mentioned that he didn't feel he was given an equal oppurturnity to make the team, and furthermore wanted a chance to compete. He should get that in the move to Miami where he will back up the aging Dan Marino in a system that no doubt will make better use of his talents.

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