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NFL Cracking Down On Drugs
May 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Its about time the NFL just said: No. Over the past few years, the amount of misdemeanors and arrests around illegal substances regarding NFL players has skyrocketed. I wish there was a statistic kept on this issue, but a simple look through local or national media is all thats really needed. So while former NFL star Nate Newton is waiting for the inevitable next drug charge, the NFL has decided it would just say No to its current players.

Starting this year, July 1st, the NFL will subject its players to random drug tests. This of course is nothing new, but the list of banned substances has increased, and now includes ephidrina (or ephedrine). Ephedra is a common chemical or herbal formation that is found in may allergenic medications. Players will now have to report in takes of the substances due to allergies. Edphedra is also very popular in strength building stimulants, which of course, is why the substance has been banned.

The NFL has made a point this off-season to stop its players from abusing the law. The league has received so much negative press regarding the issue its un-real that it has taken this long. The banning of more substances and stricter policies is a very good initial step to remedying the issue. Very few players are likely to risk a four game suspension for the sake of a high. Its about time the NFL said No.

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