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No Draft Picks Signed Yet
June 2 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
As the 49ers get ready to commence their final mini-camp, a four day schedule that should have nearly all players in attendance, the team still has not signed any of its draft picks. The team has ten players in this situation, and likely wants to get them signed quite soon.

The team will get to work on the contracts of these players immediately following the camp. There is a ‘summer break’ between the end of this camp and the beginning of training camp on July 20th in Stockton, and typically that is when the 49ers sign their draft picks.

The 49ers’ salary cap for rookie allotment is approximately $3.5 million and though the team doesn’t have to use all of it, they have come within 10% of that figure in recent years. The salaries of the rookies are typically based on where they were drafted, and how much money that draft position normally makes, the same goes for the duration of their contracts. There will be a few areas of negotiation, with some injured players, and some who the 49ers want to keep around for quite some time, but for the most part the negotiations will be over guaranteed money, incentive money and of course salary per annum.

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