Cooling Down The Draft Jitters 04/26/01
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The excitement within the 49ers organization has permeated the blood of every 49ers fan. The 49ers feel that they had a successful draft, and most fans seem to agree. The team apparently filled it's major needs, and are glowing over the top three selections of Andre Carter, Jamie Winborn and Kevan Barlow. Providing these players live up to their billings, the 49ers should be a competitive football team once again this season.

It's never easy cooling down from a draft. For reasons unknown, the draft attracts more fans than the Super Bowl. Newspapers are filled with more articles than prior to the Super Bowl too. Perhaps it is due to the chance of a team drastically improving its talent with just a few selections or the excitement of seeing teams move up and down the draft board, trading players and picks to get their man. The NFL draft is unique from any other major sports league draft as players are expected to contribute immediately out of college. Teams don't want players that need to play in the minors first, or on a farm team. The NFL draft has the potential to change a team, and perhaps that is why it is the most significant event league wide.

It is thus difficult to cool down from this event. The excitement however may be premature. There is no way to really know if a player is going to become a star, or another Jim Drukenmiller - just ask the Cincinnati Bengals about that. Sure all fans hope that the team made their selections, and as 49ers fans we have been blessed with Bill Walsh being a mastermind of the draft, and the successful architect of the 49ers, but truth be told all we can do is wait and see.

Bill Walsh, Terry Donahue, Steve Mariucci and the rest of the 49ers staff seem to have done a very good job in the selection eight players. Unfortunately, until these players take the field in practice, pre-season and the regular season, all we can do is trust that the right decision is made.

The 49ers have scheduled their first mini-camp to begin with a team meeting on Thursday night. The camp will run all weekend and will be our first chance to get a glimpse of the new players against NFL competition. It is imperative that the rookie's begin make a good first impression, but as fans, we will still want more - and wont really be satisfied until the team proves that it has indeed improved from last season.

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