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Down Field Blocking
May 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers have made a living with great receivers on their team. It wasnít just Jerry Rice, and Terrell Owens, there was John Taylor, Dwight Clark and many more too. But these receivers were much more than pass receivers; they were and are offensive machines.

The 49ers receivers have long been trained to do more than catch passes, being part of the running game as ball carriers, and blocking for the running backs and each other have been a part of the teamís offensive system since Bill Walsh first came in to command. Blocking in practice is emphasized almost as much as actually catching the ball. The results have been rather successful.

The 49ers have seen some great receivers come through their team, and a big part of that was their willingness to contribute to the entire offense. The receivers donít take plays off like seen on other teams, they give it their all even when the ball isnít coming their way. Itís because of that mentality, that players like Rice, Owens, and others have thrived with the 49ers.

A receiverís willingness to be involved in an entire offense has been a tremendous help to the 49ers quarterbacks too. Jeff Garcia, Steve Young and Joe Montana all benefited from a multi talented receiver. Continued emphasis on down field blocking should continue to lead to big plays in the 49ers offense, and Jeff Garcia will be more than happy to pull the trigger.

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