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Donahue Calls A Time Out
May 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terry Donahue has had a busy off-season. It started with the signing of Jeremy Newberry, and culminated in the additions of several undrafted free agents after the 2002 draft. So with June first a ways a way, Terry Donahue has booked off some vacation time.

Donahue will be leaving on vacation on May 12th during which time the 49ers arenít likely to make any transactions. Although the team hasnít ruled out the possibility, considering that the Director Of Player Personell, John McVay, who handles most of the contract negotiations, will still be around.

The 49ers havenít ruled out further improvements to the team, particularly on the offensive line and at receiver, and although no large deals are likely to be reached in Donahueís absence, the team may continue to bring in free agents for interviews and workouts and they may also continue working with current roster members on new and improved contracts.

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