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Donahue To Approach Free Agency Openly
May 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terry Donahue is approaching the June first, fiscal end of the NFL year with the same type of attitude he took to the draft. After this date, teams can release players and have their salary cap figure count against next seasons salary cap. Thus teams, who are looking for some room under the cap, will often release some talented veterans creating a larger talent pool in the free agent market.

Terry Donahue is looking to improve the 49ers with the signing of at least one more player. He wonít however commit himself to any one position. Although Blake Brockermeyer, the offensive lineman, appears to be on top of the teamsí wish list, Donahue continues to state that heís interesting in upgrading the team at any position that is financially possible.

The key here is that Donahue will not go over board to sign a player, no matter how badly he wants him. Itís the same sort of approach as he used in the draft. Surely the team would may have liked to select a player in the top ten picks of the draft, but Donahue felt that the trade up was not worth what teams were looking for in return for their pick. This time around, Donahue wonít pay a player more than the team feels heís worth. Thereís a set fiscal schedule that the team has followed this far - and they donít intend to deviate from it to bring in a player.

Itís one of those luxuries that come with having all of the teamsí starters in place. Yes, Donahue will definitely be looking for a player or two this off-season. But No, he wonít deviate from his plan, and no, there is no one specific - at least, thatís what heíll tell you. There is a chance of course, that the crafty Donahue is simply looking to maintain the bargaining advantage, and thus will not reveal the cards behind his poker face.

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