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Donahue Doing Fine Job
June 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terry Donahue continues to impress in his role as General Manager. It may be a bit early to give Bill Walsh credit for finding another great one, but it certainly seems that we should be. Donahue has taken a very active role in acquiring players, securing players, and getting the 49ers in contending shape this off-season.

But the amazing part about Donahue is not his uncanny ability to recognize talent, to negotiate or even his organizational skill. Itís not his ability to stick by a plan nor the fact that he has his scouting staff already beginning next seasonís draft preparations.

The amazing thing about Donahue is his ability to work with the coaches of this team. He gets them what they want, and thatís exactly the type of relationship that a General Manager and coach should have. Recently, Donahue stated that a case could be made to sign a quicker receiver to play opposite Terrell Owens, but that his coaches havenít asked for it, so he isnít actively pursuing it. Thatís not to say Donahue may not go out and get one anyway, but it is interesting to see how willing he is to work with the coaches.

Aside from that, Donahue has the 49ers in the best salary to talent ratio the team has seen in recent history. The squad is young and full of talent, with only one place to go - up. Itís been quite a while since people were predicting the rise of the 49ers, as opposed to a contending team that just keeps slipping into the abyss. Donahue has done a heck of a job making sure the 49ers are on the elevator up to the top.

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