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Doman Learning The Ropes
May 23 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Rookie quarterback Brandon Doman wants to make it in the NFL. Every time he speaks to the media, his words leave that impression. This is a kid, who is extremely mature, that is willing to wait and learn, but does not want to sit back and relax. Doman wants to improve. He wants to be great.

Doman has been spending countless hours in the video room watching footage of himself in the 49ers offense, looking for ways to improve his foot speed and position, his ability to read defenses, and all around make plays. In the first mini-camp Doman was a little overwhelmed, and certainly that should be expected, but heís stated that he never wants to feel that way again.

Doman has also been spending time learning the 49ers playbook. He realizes that he canít think about where a receiver is going to be at a given moment, he needs to know where they will be. And so he studies, hours upon end - Doman soaks it all in like a sponge.

The 49ers like the potential Doman brings to the field, they like the idea of having a future prospect on their roster - and itís for that reason that he may beat out Aaron Garcia and Giovanni Carmazzi for the third quarterback position. Doman would certainly like that, and so would his mentor - Steve Young.

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