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Doman Learning Quickly
May 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers have been rather impressed with the progress of Brandon Doman so far this off-season. The rookie quarterback is expected to make the team as the team’s third or ‘emergency’ quarterback on the depth charts. So far, the team likes what they see.

Doman has been spending countless hours watching video of himself, and the West Coast Offense, trying to learn and improve. He compares himself to Jeff Garcia in trying to improve his fundamentals, looking to see how Garcia does things more efficiently than he. He’s also become a bookworm, studying the team’s playbook and trying to take it all in.

In the first mini-camp, Doman was clearly overwhelmed. He didn’t know where his receivers were, and he didn’t know the plays. After the outing, which he felt was somewhat embarrassing; he swore it would not happen again. And so Doman has been seeking the tutelage of coaches, and players, and possibly his mentor Steve Young, in trying to learn the 49ers offense. When none of them are available he turns back to the film room and works himself.

Mariucci said that Doman is “a quick learner”. For Doman, that means he’s doing something right, and making some big strides. With the 49ers next mini-camp, that starts tomorrow, focusing on the pass, Doman will have plenty of opportunity to show the team how much has indeed learned in the short time he’s been with the team. It should be exciting to hear how he performs.

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