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Team Stresses Discipline
May 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
This mini-camp the team took some time to stress the importance of discipline to the players. After having two arrests in one week come from the ball club, the 49ers wanted to make sure it was the last they heard of situations involving their personnel and the police.

Both Steve Mariucci and Terry Donahue took time to address the team, and the media about their expectations of players abiding by the law and NFL regulations. Whether either of them got through to the typically ‘classy’ team will be answered as the off-season progresses.

It was also announced that Jeremy Newberry’s court date is June 13th. He is expected to take the stand and testify the story he has told the media. Newberry’s a typically gentle players, was placed under arrest for battery. He has since proclaimed his innocence, but ultimately that will be a jury’s decision.

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